The Institute for Turnaround defines turnaround as the sustainable return to viability of an underperforming organisation.

Expert Partners, who are active members of the Institute for Turnaround, have considerable experience in turnaround assignments in the Public and Private sectors.

A turnaround assignment would typically involve:

Diagnose the Problem

Urgent high level analysis of the problems that the organisation faces, to determine whether there is a pathway to a successful organisation

Build Stakeholder Confidence and Support

Get everyone on board with the plan, including shareholders, lenders, investors, suppliers, employees and customers

Stabilise the finances

Cash generation – get cash flowing into the organisation, reducing debt, extending credit, reducing inventory, cutting costs


Fix the finances, restructuring the financing, cost base and costs controls. Refresh leadership skills. Develop strategic vision and a turnaround plan.

Articulate a strategy for growth

Develop a sustainable organisational strategy for future growth

Exit from turnaround

Execute organisational strategy and realise growth.


Can your Organisation benefit from Turnaround?

  1. Stressed not fatal – The organisation is experiencing a period of under performance due to a sharp shock or steady decline.
  2. Decline and fall – Failure to reverse decline will do irreparable damage to the organisation.
  3. A viable future – If the organisation can overcome its immediate troubles, it has a good chance of succeeding in the medium to long term.

Accreditation & Partners

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